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Increased Weight Can Increase Your Chances of Getting Gum Disease

Posted on 1/20/2020 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
Increased Weight Can Increase Your Chances of Getting Gum DiseaseIncreased weight can be harmful to not only your bodily health, but also your oral health. We know increased weight can be harmful to our health, putting us at risk for things like heart disease and diabetes, but did you know the effects on oral health?

There are many reasons as to why having a high weight can damage your oral health and they revolve around diet.

How Gum Disease Begins

Many, but not all, people who experience increased weight do so because of a poor diet. Unfortunately, the foods that contribute to weight gain can also contribute to gum disease. Many foods that are bad for your health, particularly those high in sugar, take a toll on your oral health.

The bacteria in your mouth love sugary foods like soda and candy because it is high in energy. Foods high in sugar also tend to stick around in our mouths after we're done eating them making them even more harmful to our oral health.

Diabetes is Also a Factor

It has also been shown that increased weight can lead to type two diabetes. Besides the health effects of having diabetes, it has been shown diabetes sufferers are more at risk for gum disease. This is partly due to the fact that diabetics struggle with keeping their blood sugar under control. Large spikes or dips in blood sugar levels can make it harder for the body to produce saliva. Saliva plays a large role in the prevention of bacteria formation inside the mouth, and a lack of it can put a person at more of a risk for gum disease.

We understand having increased weight is difficult to deal with. That's why we are here to help you. Give us a call and we can make suggestions on foods to avoid so that you can protect your oral health. Also, if you're worried about your current oral health, we can schedule you for an appointment at your earliest convenience.
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