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When Antibiotics Become Necessary with Gum Disease Treatment

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
When Antibiotics Become Necessary with Gum Disease TreatmentAntibiotics make it possible for you to enjoy better periodontal health as they fight off the unhealthy bacteria that leads to an infection and inflamed gums. When gingivitis advances to periodontitis (advanced gum disease), we often recommend the use of antibiotics.

What Is Periodontitis?

Periodontitis, or advanced gum disease, happens when gingivitis is not treated and worsens. This stage of gum disease is marked by bleeding gums, swelling, and the formation of pus. Halitosis, gum soreness and sensitivity, and problems with chewing are also related problems. To combat the infection that results from a periodontal infection, we usually prescribe an antibiotic to treat the condition and lessen the soreness and pain.

How Antibiotics Are Used for Periodontal Treatment

When we prescribe antibiotics, we do so in conjunction with scaling and root planing (SRP), as they offer an extra benefit than just treating the infection with an SRP alone. The use of the drugs can greatly help with restoring clinical attachment loss (CAL) and the change in pocket depth. By treating advanced gum disease with antibiotics, we can substantially reduce the risk of future CAL loss. When antibiotics are administered, the need for their use must be clearly established. We don't prescribe the use of antibiotics in place of sufficient local therapy. Therefore, we must make a proper selection of the antibiotic used as well as formulate a plan for the drug's dosage and duration. By taking this approach, we can maximize a therapy's usefulness.

If you have advanced gum disease, we can help you restore your gums and teeth. However, to take this step, we need to have the full cooperation of the patient. Don't delay periodontal therapy if your gums are swollen and bleeding. Give our team of periodontal professionals a call today so we can address the condition immediately. The sooner you obtain treatment, the better the prognosis for your overall periodontal care and health.

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