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How Dental Implants Provide Convenient And Hustle-Free Maintenance

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Hilton Israelson, DDS
How Dental Implants Provide Convenient And Hustle-Free MaintenanceIf you are concerned about the best option for teeth replacement, you may want to opt for dental implants. You can replace single or multiple teeth with implants. For an entire arch of missing teeth, the All-on-4 system of implants may be an ideal choice because it uses only four or sometimes, six titanium rods per lower or upper arch. There are other types of dental implants you can choose depending on the number of teeth to be replaced. A dentist will advise you on the most appropriate implants to receive.

Convenient and Low Maintenance

When compared to other options for teeth replacement, dental implants have very low maintenance needs. Implant care is the same as that of your natural teeth. You brush and floss after every meal. Although implants are not vulnerable to cavities, there is a need to protect these restorations as well as gums and the remaining teeth from bacterial decay or periodontal disease. Besides, you need to visit a dentist for preventive cleaning after every six months.

If you receive traditional dentures, you will need to remove them for cleaning. Many people say that their dentures slip out expectedly hence causing embarrassment in public places. Additionally, dentures may become loose and feel uncomfortable. Oftentimes, people who are dissatisfied with traditional dentures will go for dental implants or sometimes, implant-supported dentures.

When you come to our office, we perform a complete examination of your mouth, jaw, teeth, and gums to see if you are fit for implants. We explain the procedure to you and if there are teeth that need to be extracted, we remove them. Some people may not receive dental implants if they have underlying issues that may impact the success of the procedure. We do not want your implants to fail once installed, as such, we ensure that any condition such as periodontal disease, diabetes, or heart disease is first managed before implant installation. Contact our periodontal office to restore your bite function and appearance with dental implants.

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