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CAD/CAM machine next to monitorCAD/CAM is a dental technology, which uses computers to aid in the processes of both design and manufacturing of a number of different dental appliances for various patient needs. This field of dentistry specializes in creating such dental restorations as dentures, crowns, dental implant supports, crown lays, inlays and restorations, veneers, fixed prostheses bridges, and various other orthodontic appliances. Our dental professionals here at Dr. Xixi Wu are familiar with this type of technology and can use it to make your experience much more comfortable and relaxed.

How It Helps Dental Restorations

CAD stands for computer-aided design while CAM stands for computer-aided manufacturing. When you put those two aspects together and have them work from the same information as the dentist and the patient, it all helps in creating a highly successful and beneficial dental treatment. This technology helps to design and create a well-fitting, secure, aesthetic for the client. It also assists in making the process quicker and more efficient. And since it simplifies the process so much as well by enhancing the ease in design and manufacturing, it can also provide the opportunity to create restoration appliances that would have previously been impossible.

For single unit appliances, once we have treated the other various issues that may need addressing first, a virtual impression will be made using specialized software. After that, the digital image and mold is sent off to a milling station for creation. Once it has been manufactured, it can also have glazes or stains added to the surface to reduce the monochrome appearance of the appliance or restoration. From there it can be adjusted inside the client’s mouth and bonded securely in place.

Differences With Traditional Restorations

Having CAD/CAM systems right there in-house allows for the possibility of even being able to get your prosthesis in the same day. The more traditional prostheses may require the use of temporary solutions for days or even weeks, as is in the case of conventional crowns. This is because they have to wait for the laboratory to produce the restoration. Then the patient returns at a later date to have the piece bonded or cemented into place. Sometimes it can take just a few short hours or less. This is all due to the fact that the computer assistance is so technologically advanced it can go far beyond what human experts are able to see and design.

They are also a little more conservative as far as the preparation of the tooth is concerned. Since it is more effective when bonding is done on enamel rather than the dentin beneath it, extra care is taken to make sure the enamel layer isn’t damaged or compromised. Whether it is a one-day service or if it takes multiple visits, the fact is that the CAD/CAM system drastically reduces overall treatment sessions.

To find out the tremendous difference that these innovative and advanced systems can make in your dental treatment, please come by the office of Dr. Xixi Wu. Or if you prefer, you can also reach us by phone at (972) 669-9444.
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