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Complete Fixed Bridge
Richardson, TX

3D rendering of a dental bridge being placed over a missing tooth gap that is flanked by two shaved down teethWe can secure a full dental bridge to your upper or lower arch. This type of denture is a non-removable appliance matching much more closely to your natural teeth in feel and function. Retention comes from implanted posts that we surgically embed into your jaw. The result is a full arch of stabilized, permanent teeth. At Dr. Xixi Wu, we understand the frustration of traditional dentures. We want you to feel confident in your teeth again.

A complete fixed bridge is a full arch of teeth that we permanently attach to your jaw using dental implants. A dental implant is a device that has a similar design to a screw in both shape and size. It can vary in width and length depending on the work being done. We surgically place the threaded end into the bone. The threads allow for greater surface contact with the bone and then the bone will grow around the device as it heals, fusing the bone and implant firmly together. This healing process is known as osseointegration, “osseo” being a term referring to bone and “integration'' meaning making the two parts one.

The surgical placement of a complete fixed bridge is completed in less time than standard dental implant procedures. This is because it rarely requires the additional step of a bone graft procedure prior to placement. For the placement of a full arch bridge, we use longer implants that are designed to reach even thicker bone material. The implants are also placed at an angle for even greater stability. Once healed, the implanted posts serve as stable anchors in your mouth.

Complete Fixed Bridge Benefits

Our endentulous patients find multiple benefits from a full arch bridge including:
•  Permanently Stabilized Teeth: Once healed, your denture, or full arch bridge, should not rock, move, or come loose. You will be able to eat your regular diet with confidence.
•  Less Time than other Implant Procedures: Standard implant procedures, including an overdenture system, take longer to completion. A full arch dental bridge uses longer implants designed to capture more bone material. Following the creation of your treatment plan, dental surgery is completed in one day.
•  Better Structure: When a patient loses teeth, they experience bone loss in their jaw that causes changes to their facial shape and alters their appearance. Implanted dentures help you maintain better bone health and fill out your facial shape for an improved look.
•  Freedom: Dentures, including overdentures, come with additional care steps. A complete full arch bridge gives you the freedom to care for your denture like you care for natural teeth. You simply brush and floss as normal. They will feel much more natural.
•  Reduced Changes to your Speech and Diet: Patients who wear traditional dentures are aware of the changes that occur to their speech and diet. They have to learn, or readjust, how to use them. An implant full arch bridge will feel and function much more like your natural teeth, meaning the adjustment will be much faster with reduced changes.
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