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Dental Crown
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Close up 3D rendering of a dental crown being placed on a shaved down toothThere are many reasons why a tooth can become damaged. Tooth decay can be a major factor, but that is not the only reason. Trauma to the face can damage a tooth, and even biting too hard on something can lead to damage. Here at Dr. Xixi Wu, we want to save the tooth if possible and avoid extraction. We also want to make sure that you have a beautiful smile. One of the ways that we can often achieve both of these things is with a crown.

What Are Crowns Used For?

A crown is used to help you to have a smile that does not show the damaged tooth. It will give you back your confidence. If you have wondered what the difference is between a crown and a cap, there is no difference. They are just two different terms for the same thing. We will use the word crown here for continuity. With a crown, we will save as much of the tooth as possible. We will first need to remove the damage and any tooth decay that might be there. The root of your tooth will remain.

In most cases, we will make a mold of the tooth so that we will be able to create a new tooth that will be the perfect match. We will give you a temporary crown while the new crown is being made. When the new crown is ready, we will refer you back to your general dentist for the restorative crown placement. Your general dentist will remove the temporary crown and then bond the permanent crown to what is left of your tooth. Your new crown will be strong, and it will match all of your other teeth perfectly.

While often we will use a crown for a tooth that is damaged, there is another case where a crown might be the right solution. If your tooth is too small or it is deformed, we might determine that a crown will be the perfect way to make it look like the rest of your teeth. If you are receiving a dental implant, we will use a crown on that as well. In this case, your natural tooth would not have been saved, we will have replaced the root of your tooth before you receive the crown.

Caring for your crown is easy. You will brush and floss like normal. You might want to be careful with foods that stain your teeth because you do not want the crown to end up a different color than the rest of your teeth. If that happens, make an appointment for a tooth whitening session with us so that they will all look the same once again.

A crown is a great way to save a tooth and also make your smile look natural. There is a good chance that you know several people with crowns, and you have no idea that they have them. Here at Dr. Xixi Wu, we want to make sure that you love your smile. Call (972) 669-9444 to make an appointment.
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A crown is a great way to save a tooth and also make your smile look natural. Here at Dr. Hilton Israelson, we want to make sure that you love your smile.
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