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Diagram of a tooth being extractedIn simpler terms, dental extraction refers to pulling of the tooth from the dental alveolus in the alveolar bone. The act is performed due to an array of reasons, some of which are natural decay of the tooth, dental trauma, periodontal disease, or any other tooth infection. Similarly, a dentist may advise removing teeth if a tooth is too big, disturbing the gums and the mouth.

Patients, who are in their teens or early years, may get braces, and amid the process, they may also be recommended to obtain the treatment of dental extraction due to the replacement of teeth. At Dr. Xixi Wu, the action is executed by our highly proficient team of dentists and oral surgeons. They carry out the process with care and cater to each patient as per their need. In most cases, the process is extremely smooth and simple, however, broken teeth are dealt with delicacy.


The process of attaining tooth extraction begins with an X-ray of your tooth. The tooth extraction process depends on the condition of your tooth that decides whether it is simple or surgical. The simple method is opted by patients who do not suffer from the severity and therefore are treated with anesthesia, after which our dentist adapts the use of a tool that weakens the grip of the tooth and infuses to extract it. In the other direction, the surgical technique extensively complies with an advanced scenario. Here, you may be receiving intravenous anesthesia, after which a cut is drawn in the gums to extract bone tissue before the tooth is plucked and placed back in its original position.

Towards the end of the process, medications are prescribed with proper guidelines that are to be added in your routine to give the mouth an adequate amount of time to heal, as post-care is imperative and takes a few days to alleviate. To get proper guidance, you may visit our office.

Why is Tooth Extraction Necessary for You?

In some conditions, removing teeth may get complex and unavoidable which may be due for a number of reasons. For instance, for patients suffering from periodontal disease, extracting the tooth is a solution to restore the patient's set of teeth. Moreover, it also aids the elimination of overcrowding in the teeth for an appropriate alignment and outlook.

Eventually, tooth extraction tends to be an impeccable solution in dire situations. In the event of an accident, teeth are preserved, which is the core purpose of every dental treatment. And this is why dentists and surgeons elect the option of tooth extraction. Even in the long run, the act is rigorously conducted to protect the layer of your existing teeth that also treats infections. We, at Dr. Hilton Israelson strive to provide you with the service. Feel free to contact us by calling (972) 669-9444.
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