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Smiling child sticking out her tongueA frenectomy is a type of dental procedure that surgically removes a patient’s frenum. To explain what a frenectomy is and how it is one of the many periodontal procedures you can have, you also have to understand what a frena is. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), an oral frenum is a band of tissue in the mouth that is located in and around the gums and teeth. You can imagine the frena as a type of harness that stops the movement. At Dr. Xixi Wu we may recommend a frenectomy if the frenulum is too tight, long, or unsturdy, and may do its work too well. It could also be encroaching onto your gums, which can cause a slight gap between the teeth. Having a frenectomy can also be beneficial for any future orthodontic work you may have.

What Happens During the Procedure?

All of the many methods of accomplishing a frenectomy are low impact and require only a brief recovery period. The size of the frenum will be reduced with a laser or a scalpel. Both will carefully cut the soft tissues, and we will determine which method is best for you after an examination. There are many advantages of laser surgery, including the benefit of added precision. Although conventional surgical methods are accurate, lasers are even more precise. Furthermore, laser surgery has reduced swelling and scarring, and it is much easier to perform in more settings.

Why is a Frenectomy Performed?

Our dental team will occasionally recommend a frenectomy to a patient if they meet certain criteria. We will need to thoroughly examine the structures inside your mouth before we can outline any treatment options to you. The many benefits can vary, and they are dependent on which frenum needs the procedure.

A huge gap in your two front teeth and the upper jaw is common with a labial frenum, which occurs because there is major extended tissue at the site. This frenum will often bring gum recession. This can be another major potential complication for your teeth. When our dental team is conducting a frenectomy, they will cut the frenum from either the mouth’s floor or the gum line. After the procedure, a few stitches may be necessary, but overall, the healing time is fairly minimal.

Why is It Needed?

Our office will tell you that you need a frenectomy if you have an elongated frenum. This procedure can be either preventive, or it may be part of the larger treatment for a condition like periodontal disease. Frenectomies are a convenient and safe option thanks to advancements in medical technology, and there are no age constraints preventing a patient from undergoing this procedure.

The benefits of a frenectomy for periodontal disease are numerous and include reduced oral pain and discomfort. It can also lead to a better appearance of the face, as well. Improved gum and tooth structure, function, form, enhanced bite power, and uniformity are other advantages. This procedure also can increase the ability of the person to speak properly. It also stabilizes dentures and can prevent injury. Additionally, a frenectomy is a great tool for dealing with one of the many issues that will arise if you experience gum disease.

It is important to note that a frenectomy is not the only treatment or procedure to help heal your gum disease. If you are interested in learning more information, or you would like to set up an appointment at our office, please contact Dr. Xixi Wu by calling (972) 669-9444 today.
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At Dr. Hilton Israelson we may recommend a frenectomy if the frenulum is too tight, long, or unsturdy, and may do its work too well. Learn more here!
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