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Gum Contouring

Smiling woman showing teeth and gumsThere are many things that go into having a beautiful smile. Sometimes this requires nothing more than proper home oral care and regular trips to see your dental health providers here at Dr. Xixi Wu. But sometimes it takes more to achieve the aesthetic appearance that we want with our teeth and gums. For some people, gingival contouring could be a procedure that they may want to think about having performed. Here is some more information concerning this innovative and helpful dental service:

When to Consider It

For patients who are dealing with what is sometimes referred to as "gummy smile," this can be a life changing procedure. When a person has excess gum tissue protruding over and covering their teeth, it can make them look very small and short. This can cause many issues with their self-esteem and confidence. Being afraid or embarrassed to smile is no way to go through life and no one should have to endure such a horrible experience.

But gingival contouring isn’t only for people with excess gum tissue surrounding their teeth, it can also be helpful for those who may not have enough as well. This is when gum tissue is added to places where the recession has occurred and left the appearance of long teeth, often with noticeable gaps in them.

How the Process Works

For patients who have excessive gum tissue which covers part of the teeth, our dental health technician will use a specialized laser technique which cuts away small amounts of the extra tissue, gradually exposing more of the tooth’s crown. This will allow for a smile which reveals your beautiful teeth rather than excess gum tissue. The aforementioned lasers, which also serve to seal the area and reduce bleeding and eliminate openings in which bacteria might enter, as well as scalpels and even radiosurgery may be used in your gingival contour treatment. Our dentists will discuss the best options and proper techniques to be used in your specific case.

The process is quite a bit different when not enough gum tissue is the problem. In these instances, the tissue will be taken from another area in the mouth, usually a healthy tooth or the roof. After that, the healthy tissue is grafted over the thin area of the gums to help protect the teeth better.

Sometimes a local anesthetic may be used to numb the area. In some cases, the bone at the front of the tooth's root might also need to be removed during the gum contouring process to ensure positive long-term results. Our dentist may use a pen to draw a line marking the new gum line. This allows the client to see exactly how much will be removed and how it will be reshaped.

To discover more about gingival contouring and find out if it is right in your particular case, stop in and see one of our highly skilled and experienced dentists here at Dr. Xixi Wu. To speak with us over the phone, simply dial our office phone at (972) 669-9444.
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To discover more about gingival contouring and find out if it is right in your particular case, stop in and see one of our highly skilled and experienced dentists here at Dr. Hilton Israelson.
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