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Intraoral Camera
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  Smiling dental patient sitting in dental chair and dentist sitting in backgroundAn intraoral camera is a dental camera which is capable of making maximum attention to the detail of your mouth much easier. It allows the dentist to very precisely adjust the magnification and resolution to determine how big or how small the captured area should be in the image. The picture made with these cameras can be zoomed in on and sharpened to get much more minute details revealed that would have otherwise never be seen. Intraoral cameras also are able to take clear and high definition images of complete and larger areas as well, such as full smiles, entire jaws, arches, and even others. Here is a little bit more about how the oral practitioners here at Dr. Xixi Wu use this technology to help our clients.

How It Helps the Dental Professional

These cameras are incredibly technologically advanced. They have a head or tip that rotates up to ninety degrees and has strong magnification capability, LED lighting, and numerous different zoom settings, all of which allow the dental specialist to get the best possible look at every possible angle and crook in your mouth. This helps to diagnose issues much sooner and more accurately, as well as leading to a better and more effective treatment.

And with such a detailed permanent record, we can keep them in your file to more easily track any changes over time. These and many other benefits all make for a better overall experience for both the oral health professional, as well as the patient. Another benefit is the fact that these same images appear onscreen during the process, which means that the dentist and patient can discuss the issues in real-time while looking at the footage at the same time.

How It Helps the Patient

Even though it may already be clear, everything that makes the task easier for the dentist makes it more pleasant for the patient. Trained and experienced dentist like ours understand the conditions and symptoms that occur with one’s teeth and gums, but many times it is difficult to see exactly what is happening deep inside and in tight spots with just a mouth mirror or even an x-ray image, which can be slow to print and often may not even display the images clearly.

But something that can greatly increase the patient’s relaxation and peace of mind is the fact that they can see precisely the same thing that we see during the examination. We can show them the sharp, colorful images to point out any issues and discuss them right there on the spot. All of this helps to ease the patient's mind, reducing tension and later soreness in the mouth and jaws. It also helps the client to feel more involved in and in control of their dental health and treatment decisions.

To find out more about how using better equipment can make for a better experience come and visit the dental professionals at Dr. Xixi Wu. And you can always speak with one of our helpful staff members by calling (972) 669-9444.
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To find out more about how using better equipment can make for a better experience come and visit the dental professionals at Dr. Hilton Israelson or give us a call!
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