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Dr. Xixi Wu
Dr. Xixi Wu

Dr. Xixi Wu
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I went to Dr. Wu with a complex dental issue and she was very knowledgeable and thorough in evaluating a solution for my challenging treatment.

Dr. Wu developed a detailed proposal for my sensitive treatment, and was very kind and thorough in answering my many questions.

Throughout the process her staff was extremely friendly and professional.

I highly recommend Dr. Wu.

Karen M.

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I have been extremely pleased with the dental care I have received from Dr. Wu and all of her office staff. I was a patient of Dr. Israelson’s for several years and had slight trepidation of starting a relationship with a new doctor. I had such confidence in Dr. Israelson. But my concerns were quickly alleviated with my first visit with Dr. Wu. Besides having excellent credentials, Dr. Wu is highly skilled, professional, and kind. She attended to my dental needs (I require an implant) and calmed my anxiety. I am greatly appreciative of her skillfulness. Also, Dr. Wu’s office staff and my dental hygienist are top-notch. So friendly, welcoming, and professional. I feel this office is one of the best, run with integrity and care. I will happily continue as a patient of Dr. Wu.

Michael Menof

Dallas, Texas
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I had a molar that every now and then flared up causing gum swelling and infection. I never wanted to lose the tooth. About a week ago the gums flared up again and I made an appointment with Lisa to meet the new Periodontist Dr Wu.

Arriving at my appointment, I met Dr Xixi Wu. I had checked out Dr Wu's impressive credentials at Oklahoma University so I was looking forward to meeting her. I was definitely not disappointed. She diagnosed the problem right away and resolved to try and save the tooth rather than losing it.

She gave me 3 injections which I never felt - and she assured me that a bone graft should be done after the drainage of the infection to preserve the bony support. The whole procedure took less than an hour. Dr Wu was quick, smart and thorough. This was a difficult job as the tooth was right at the back of my mouth.

Dr Wu is a highly competent and qualified doctor and can easily fill the shoes of Dr Hilton Israelson. She even phoned me the next night to make sure I had no pain and said she would see me in two weeks time.

Anyone who has reservations/doubts - please be assured Dr Wu is imminently competent and qualified to take care of you. My advice is - give her a try - it will be really worth it.

Most importantly Dr Wu is very well supported by an amazing team who have been at the practice for a long time - Lisa, Brenda, Ashley, Jessice, Leslie, Joyce, Debbie - a great team.

Lastly, Maureen Dr Hilton's wife should be complimented on selecting Dr Wu who I believe is going to turn out to be just as good as Dr Hilton.

Patients are in for a rare treat. Please stop worrying everyone- you are in excellent hands with Dr Wu and her great team.

Ken Colburn

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I have been a periodontal patient for over 40 years, and I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Hilton Israelson when he was in the periodontal training program at the Tufts University Dental School, Boston, MA., in the mid-1970's.

Before meeting Dr. Israelson, I was not the most compliant periodontal patient. Without proper home care, I was at risk for being dropped from the periodontal program. Dr. Israelson spoke to me at the time he performed my surgeries and Impressed upon me the importance of excellent home care to my long term dental health. We were both in our mid-twenties at the time. I took his advice seriously, and have been faithful and diligent in my dental care since that time. Flossing and brushing after every meal, 3-month dental hygienist cleanings, and yearly periodontal exams have become my routine.

I live in Florida, but as a construction manager, travel for renewable energy projects. I am currently working in west Texas. I have never forgotten the surgical skill, compassion and words of wisdom from the young Dr. Israelson back in Boston. Through the magic of Google, I knew he was practicing in Dallas, TX. I called the Dallas office, explained my story to the (sworn to secrecy) staff, and made an appointment for a checkup. I flew to Dallas and had my examination by Dr. Israelson. He commented that my original surgery had been excellent, and he asked me who did it. Imagine his surprise when I replied "You did, when you were at Tufts."

The examination showed that I needed one spot touched up, after 41 years! I did return to Dallas a few weeks later for the needed work, and have a final follow-up appointment scheduled later this month.

I will always be grateful to have met and been cared for by Dr. Hilton Israelson. He was compassionate and skilled as a student, and has only improved over the past 41 years. I am thrilled to have been able to thank him in person, and to be his patient once again.

Michael and Sue

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My wife Sue and I, have been in the USA for the past 33 years. As we are getting older, we are always on the look-out for a most competent and experienced peridontist to save our teeth.

Unfortunately our history in seeking such an expert has not been good up to now - that is until we met Dr. Hilton Israelson late last year.

After consulting Dallas Endodontics root canal treatment specialists - Dr. Hank Garrett and Dr. Hedley Rakusin, who are tops in their field, they recommended Dr. Hilton Israelson to examine one of my teeth where a tooth extraction/implant might be required. We made an appointment to visit Dr. Israelson at his practice in Dallas/Richardson on Arapaho, close to N. Central Expressway.

Among other issues, I needed an extraction of one of my molars. We met Dr. Israelson and were amazed at his professionalism, expertise, sensitivity and dedicated caring.

The extraction proved to be absolutely painless. His high standards were constantly on display including the overall cleanliness of his practice and the superb way his dedicated staff operated.

He is, without doubt, one of the most patient and competent periodontists we have ever encountered and is ably assisted by a most professional team - Brenda and Lisa in the front office - who are not only super-efficient but also extremely pleasant and friendly and put people at ease the moment one walks in the door. Also great are his excellent assistants and hygienists - Lesley, Brianna, Kiwi, and Joyce. Because many of them have been with Dr. Israelson for many years - they all anticipate so well - this is no doubt one of the secrets of his success.

Dr. Israelson operates in a most unhurried, methodical manner and apart from knowing exactly what he is doing - he is above all very caring - always checking with the patient if everything is OK, while he is at work. Having dental work done is generally an ordeal and being "babies" we are naturally scared of injections, procedures, etc. but most surprising, we never felt even the slightest prick as he numbed our jaws.

As evidence of our usual fears, when I had the tooth extracted this week, imagine how relaxed I was when my blood was recorded at only 99.9 (ie under 100) over 61, proving I was totally relaxed and had full and complete confidence in Dr. Israelson.

If anyone is looking for a periodontist who is without doubt one of the most caring, efficient, competent and superbly trained (with impressive credentials) look no further than Dr. Israelson who has a good dry sense of humor but is very serious the minute he gets to work. We took notice of a testimonial in his office from a past client from 41 years ago - who discovered him again - this testimonial speaks volumes.

Incidentally his front office team - Lisa and Brenda are a major help with treatment/surgery co-ordinations, medications required, making quick appointments etc. But then again, it is not surprising that they are tops - because Dr. Israelson, who is a total perfectionist, would never employ anyone who was not tops themselves. Because of all this, one has total confidence in him. Therefore we would not hesitate to refer or recommend him to any of our friends. Anyone who is fortunate enough to consult Dr. Israelson and his team will most definitely not be disappointed.

His charges are very fair - and his sensible office/practice hours - 7:00 am to 3:00 pm (Fridays off) ensure you arrive and leave without any stress from worrying about traffic issues, etc.

Red Adair - the famous Texan who used to put out oil well fires around the world - a very specialized endeavor - once said: "If you think the cost of a professional is high - wait until you hire an amateur."

This is worth noting when looking for a periodontist - you need to find the absolute best - someone who knows exactly what he is doing - and Dr. Hilton Israelson certainly deserves the title of "a supreme professional."
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