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X-Guide: 3-D Navigation for Dental Implants
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X-Guide diagram with gray background and text that reads 'X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation for more accurate implant surgery'Dental implants offer an incredible number of benefits, including their durability and the fact that they can last a lifetime. These restorative appliances also help to protect your general overall oral health, giving you more self-assurance confidence than you may have had in years.

As this type of dental treatment continues to grow in popularity, the specialists here at Dr. Xixi Wu are able to ensure a greater degree of success by finding the best and most efficient methods of placing each dental implant with better accuracy and precision. It can also help patients that were perhaps may not have been candidates for this type of procedure previously due to various oral conditions which might have made the process too difficult to perform.

Increased Precision

The X-Guide navigation system has technology that has planning software that assists in all factors in determining and finding the best locations for a dental implant. It allows for a visualization of where and how to implant the teeth through a virtual model designed for better aesthetic planning. It can also create and visually present an entire restorative process.

The system also displays live images and video of the entire mouth, as well as the dental practitioners’ tools, helping to guide them to the exact location necessary for proper preparation and implantation. It shows our dentists the precise details regarding angling and positioning and make the process much less prone to miscalculations. The details of the images coupled with navigational and planning software allows us to have the ability to accurately establish a detailed working plan for each step of the implantation procedure.

Better Results

Implant placement results have been proven to be much better when X-Guide navigation systems are implemented in the process. It can also help with the recovery period as well. Whenever you go through any dental produce smoothly and with minimal or no complications, it can greatly reduce recovery time in many cases. It is important to note about this equipment, however, that it is technical and requires specialized training. That is one of the many reasons our professionals are best suited to operate it.

There are numerous specific benefits to having this kind of technology involved in your dental implant treatment. Just a few of them are less time actually spent in the chair, increased precision of dental implant placement, faster results from both the lab and the dentists themselves, no impressions or gagging, and many others. The fact that the digital images are sent to the lab and the dentist at the same time means that they can get to work on creating them immediately.

The software is engineered to capture every step of the dental implant procedure and to provide real-time guidance throughout the process. This greatly minimizes mistakes and missteps and offers patients the best opportunity to have sturdy and secure implants that last for years to come.

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